1.John S.


3.Francis D.

4.Aki P.

5.John R.

6.John Ko.

7.George D.

8.Barry W.

9.John K.

10.Nick A.

11.Peter L.


John S.'s 3rd title of the season has allowed him to claim the 2nd spot on our standings and within 865 points of Aki and the overall lead. That total can easily be overcome with a season ending Grand Slam victory but he will also need Aki to have some bad showings in the final 2 events. It is shaping up to be an epic ending to the season as nothing is a given at this time. Theoretically, everyone in the top 6 should still have a chance for the season title but beyond the top 2, everyone else will need some lucky chain of events to take place in order to walk away as the season champion. The race for the finish line is on so let's see who will step up and prove that they really want and deserve it.

Standings Update