1.Aki P.

2.John K.

3.John Ko.

4.Nick L.

5.George D.

6.John S.

7.Abdul E.

8.Louie P.

9.Kevin K.

10.George K.

11.Rony I.

12.Frank V.

13.Peter L.

14.George S.


Now that Aki P. has secured his 5th title of the season, he is the overwhelming favorite to take down the season championship as his lead over 2nd place has expanded to over 1200 points with only one event left to go (although it is a Grand Slam event). Everyone chasing Aki was looking to knock him out early and win the title for themselves but Aki would have none of that and sent everyone to the edge of elimination. Although most of the top 5 are not mathematically eliminated, the odds of anyone catching Aki are slim but we play the game for a reason, anything can happen. I invite everyone to attend and enjoy our final event of the season, where a champion will be officially pronounced and then crowned at the Tournament of Champions. See you all at the tables next time.

Standings Update