1.Frank V.

2.Rony I.

3.Harry P.

4.John S.

5.Aki P.

6.Peter L.

7.Mike F.

8.Barry W.

9.John R.

10.George S.

11.John K.

12.Angelo S.

13.George K.


A new King has been crowned! After John S.'s dominating performance in Season 1, it was Aki P.'s turn to rule the league in Season 2. His steady play all year long (finished 1st or 2nd once every 3 events played!) helped him pave the way to 5 titles (including 1 Grand Slam) and the most consistency of any other player (other Grand Slam finishes were 2nd place, 6th place and 5th place). Aki has come a long way from the player who always had the stigma of never being able to win the big one to the clear cut champion that ruled the league this year. He is a very worthy champion and one that I am sure will represent our league with great pride should he chose to go to Vegas. We look forward to rooting for him should he go to the WSOP but will also be looking to dethrone him as early as next month with the start of Season 3. One thing is for sure, Aki now has a big target on his back for next year and can no longer fly under the radar, everyone now knows how good he is and we will all adjust for that. I am sure he is up to the challenge and I for one cannot wait to face him once more in Season 3. I thank you all for your participation this season and hope to grow the league even more next year.

Standings Update